Ceramic Braces

Braces You Can Barely See

Clear, Ceramic Braces

If you’re concerned about the look of regular braces, but don’t feel ready for Invisalign, then ceramic braces may be your best option. These nearly invisible braces work just like traditional braces, but they blend in with your teeth so you won’t have to feel self conscious about your smile.

But, ceramic braces aren’t for everyone!

Are Clear Braces Right For You?

If you (or your child) needs to correct tooth and jaw alignment issues, then you have the option to choose from braces or Invisalign treatment. For more severe cases, we typically recommend traditional braces. Invisalign is a good fit for adults (or mature teens) who don’t need to correct any major issues.

Ceramic braces give you the best of both worlds—you won’t need the self-discipline of Invisalign, and you’ll get similar results as you would with metal braces.

Start With a Ceramic Braces Consultation

Think ceramic braces might be right for you? The best way to start is by contacting us for a consultation. One of our orthodontists at our 6 locations throughout Colorado Springs will help determine if you are a good candidate.